How to log onto IP Relay

How to make an IP to Voice call

How to make an international IP to Voice call

Placing an Emergency call
**IMPORTANT: If you press the emergency button by accident, DO NOT HANG UP, stay on the call and tell the operator that it was an accident. If you hang up the operator will contact the local police, who may come to the address in your profile to check that you are okay.

How to update Profile information
* IMPORTANT updating your profile information is your responsibility. Please keep all address information up to date in case of emergency.

How to use the Address Book

How to change your Preferences

How to permanently block your name and number from displaying
NOTE: The selection made on the "Make a Call" page overrides these settings. If no selection for Block My Name/Number is made on the "Make a Call" page the settings on the Preferences page will apply.

How to make a two-line Voice Carry Over (VCO) IP Relay Call

How to make a two-line Hearing Carry Over (HCO) IP Relay Call